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RAPD 2010
VOL 33
N3 Mayo - Junio 2010

N3 May - June 2010
Muntané Relat: Introducción a la investigación básica

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Introducción a la investigación básica


Research is the process by which relevant information is obtained, by means of the application of scientific methods, to understand, verify, correct or apply knowledge. Authors review the concepts of the various forms of research according to his/her purpose, the means required to obtain the data and the level of knowledge which results from the development of the research project.

The review includes an educational analysis of various basic techniques in cell biology. Additionally, we analyzed both experimental animal models (in vivo studies), including models of inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis-pancreatic cancer, portal hypertension, ischemia-reperfusion, liver regeneration, obstructive jaundice, septic shock and liver cirrhosis-hepatocellular carcinoma, as well as cell study models, in vitro with isolation of hepatocytes and Kupffer cells, culture of hepatocytes and Kupffer cells.