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RAPD 2024
VOL 47
N2 Marzo - Abril 2024

N2 March - April 2024
Plaza Fernández, Moreno Moraleda, and Pérez Camposado: Green apple and red congo: atypical dysphagia colours

Datos de la publicación

Green apple and red congo: atypical dysphagia colours


Amyloidosis is a rare disease that consists of the extracellular deposition of insoluble protein subunits known as fibrils, resistant to proteolytic degradation. It can occur in any organ of the body, causing its slow and gradual failure.

Specific involvement of the gastrointestinal tract interferes with its structure and function, most commonly in the liver and small intestine, with esophageal involvement being a rare entity, and whose main clinical manifestation is reflux. On the other hand, presentation in the form of dysphagia is highly uncommon.

Keywords: esophageal amyloidosis, dysphagia, Congo red.