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RAPD 2011
VOL 34
N1 Enero - Febrero 2011

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Bejarano-García, Núñez-Sousa, Aviñó-Tarazona, and González-Gutiérrez: Neoplasia anal en paciente con tenesmo

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Neoplasia anal en paciente con tenesmo


This clinical instance reports the case of a man diagnosed with primary anorectal melanoma.

Anal melanoma is a malignant neoplasm arising from melanocytes present in the rectal squamous epithelium, and it is the third most frequent location for the melanomas, after the skin and retinal melanomas. It is a rare neoplasm with an extremely aggressive behavior, which determines that, regardless of treatment initiated, the survival of patients longer than 5-year does not exceed 5-10% of the cases in the series published.